The Destination II

wpid-IMG_20140112_164947.jpgIf you read my last blog you know I’m focusing on destination based running. What can I discover by the side of the road that I’d usually miss from a car? I wanted to see what I could find running from SW Oleson to Highway 10, this 3.5 mile run would take me up to Sesame Donut and back. Honestly, I didn’t expect to find anything interesting on this run, but I ran anyway. Starting at a moderate pace I passed my neighborhood shopping center, the community center, an apartment complex with a no solicitators allowed sign. Not terribly interesting. But then I allowed my imagination wander as I noticed things. An incredibly smoothe asphalt driveway, when was it paved? A brown chain link fence, did they order it that way or did they paint it themselves? Then a gem of history at the entrace to Hunt Club Lane, two stone walls marking the entrance to Portland Hunt Club, one side lists the restidents names, the other side a carving of a wild boar, a horseshoe and a whip. Let your imagination wander here for a bit.

wpid-IMG_20140112_164434.jpgA little further along there’s a path that goes into the woods, it appears to be the road the less traveled. The person walking ahead of me studies the trail entrance, and heads down the path. But as for me I stayed on the sidewalk heading towards my goal. I’m not reading too much metaphor into this now, though I’m tempted. I just kept on my path of thoughtful exploration. A tree with no top, a set of odd looking evergreens, and then the destination Highway 10. On the way back I crossed a lovely wooden bridge, passed subdivisions with large beautiful houses, I considered what effort and planning went into various front yard configurations and decorations. I didn’t solve the world’s problems, or have a break through moment. But I did realize I can run and enjoy it. Who knew.

wpid-IMG_20140112_164857.jpg wpid-IMG_20140112_164640.jpgwpid-IMG_20140112_164222.jpg
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2 responses to “The Destination II

  1. Love the blog and love your thoughts on “Destination Running!” We are the same way and love getting off the beaten path to explore areas that are less traveled. Looking forward to following your journey! :) Take care, GnC.

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